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Nutrition, Cancer, and Chemotherapy, 2016

Sutter Health, CPMC, featuring CHRC’s Anca Cunningham, RD

This video discusses how nutrition and exercise can factor into cancer prevention, how to support patients through treatment, and how to avoid recurrence during survivorship.

Principles of Mindful Eating, 2016

Sutter Health, featuring CHRC’s Sabine Haake, RD

In this session, participants are introduced to how mindful eating can change the way they experience food and encourage an enjoyable meal time. A registered dietitian discusses basic principles of mindful eating, including meditation, distinguishing between physical and emotional hunger, balanced meals for optimal energy and health, and ways to overcome cravings and mindless eating habits.

Essential Nutrients and Supplements, 2016

CHRC’s StacyDeRosa, RD

A healthy diet is the best way to give your body what it needs, although many factors may prevent us from getting all the essential nutrients from a balanced diet. This lecture identifies essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and how to meet your nutritional requirements. A registered dietitian provides suggestions for navigating the supplement market, including risks, benefits, and safety.

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