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Nutrition Counseling

Appointments are now by phone and by video. 

Contact (415) 923 – 3155 or to learn more!
Technical assistance available upon request, or check out these instructional videos.

Community Health Resource Center’s team of highly qualified registered dietitians are available by appointment for nutrition counseling. Our nutritionists are cross-trained to meet the nutritional needs and provide guidance for a variety of conditions, concerns, goals and life stages. Nutrition services provide education and instruction to help support your individualized goals and needs.

Disease Management & Prevention

Heart Health

Nutritional guidance to lower cholesterol, address high blood pressure and reduce risk of heart disease. If you are recovering from recent heart surgery or simply want some advice on your health healthy diet – call or submit a request to make an appointment.


Nutritional guidance for a wide variety of cancer diagnoses before treatment, during treatment and after treatment. In addition, guidance is provided for weight gain, weight management and common questions associated with diet and cancer.


Nutritional guidance for irritable bowel syndromes, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, GERD, gastritis, pancreatit is, gallbladder, kidney disease and liver issues.


Nutritional guidance for nutritional deficiencies, abnormal lab results, prediabetes, food allergies and intolerances, medication side-effects, sleep apnea and guided use of nutritional supplements.
Nutrition Counseling San Francisco

Weight Management

Adult & Child

Highly skilled registered dietitians are trained to address weight management concerns specific to age. Adult weight management is a helpful service as you seek to meet your personal health and weight goals. Child weight management can be addressed through a number of healthy, supportive treatment options which CHRC registered dietitians can discuss with you and your child.


We aim to help people as they approach bariatric surgery procedures in a helpful, healthy way. Through pre-surgery consultations the registered dietitian’s at CHRC help increase your knowledge base and begin to map our a plan specific to you. They can also provide surgical evaluations specific to nutrition and provide ongoing or one time post-surgery follow up.

Diet Review

Healthy Eating

The goal is to help you establish a diet balanced for all life stages be it vegan, vegetarian, prenatal or sports/fitness.

Payment Options

The fee structure for appointments includes two options:
1. A sliding scale based on annual household income.
Click here to see our sliding scale

2. For individuals whose primary insurance is an HMO plan with the Brown & Toland Medical Group, there is no out-of-pocket expense.

Click here to view more details regarding coverage.
You may also Call to schedule an appointment or learn more about our nutrition services at 415-923-3155.

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