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Video Resources

Thank you for checking out our video resources! We upload periodically so be sure to return for helpful videos provided by CHRC’s clinicians and other healthcare providers. Below you will see a list of new videos we’ve recently added and where to find them. You may also click on any list item from below to be taken to the video’s homepage.


  • 5-min Vitamin D video log in “Nutrition”
  • Recorded health presentations in “Community Health Lectures”
  • Grocery shopping tips during shelter-in-place in “Nutrition”
  • Stress and burnout prevention in “Behavioral Health”
  • Healthy diet during shelter-in-place in “Nutrition”
  • Cardiac health video logs in “Nutrition”
  • Instructional stretching videos in “Gentle Yoga”
  • COVID-19 pandemic video logs in “Behavioral Health”
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