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Nutrition & Your Blood Pressure, May 2020

Jason Mousel, MS, RD (CHRC) and Michelle Hall, BSN, RN (CPMC Cardiac Rehab)

On May 22, Jason of Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) and Michelle of CPMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Services present on the dangers of hypertension and the lifestyle choices associated with increased risk. Michelle’s portion covers clinical information regarding high blood pressure and what it looks like in one’s body. Jason then discusses key dietary choices important for maintaining healthy cardiac health.

This lecture is part of CHRC’s free health education program. The program is made possible through the generosity of health care providers who donate their time towards making necessary health information accessible to the public. We now deliver our health lectures through Zoom and registration to attend is free.
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Stroke Awareness Education, May 2020

David Tong, MD

Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in the United States and affects people of all ages and backgrounds. This lecture will focus on prevention, risk factors, early detection, and treatment of stroke. Stroke survivors, caregivers, and others at risk are encouraged to watch.

This lecture was provided by the generosity of Dr. David Tong, Director of CPMC’s Comprehensive Stroke Care Center.

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