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Speaker: Neal Birnbuam, MD (Pacific Rheumatology Associates)

Doctor Neal Birnbaum of Pacific Rheumatology Associates joins CHRC to deliver a presentation covering the various diseases associated with joint pain. Dr. Birnbaum also covers medication typically used in treating joint pain.

Speakers: Lucia Franca, MD (Golden Gate Obstetrics & Gynecology) and Anne Peled, MD (California Pacific Medical Center)

This talk covers breast and gynecological cancer screening and management for people at higher risk of cancer due to family history or genetic mutations. It also focuses on advances in treatment options and post-treatment symptom management.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness and Screening Education, November 2022

Speaker: Ari D. Baron, MD (Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates)

Doctor Ari Baron of Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates gives a presentation covering colorectal cancer screening. This presentation covers provide vital information about colorectal cancer – the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. Dr. Baron also discuss the latest information regarding prevention, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and the most up-to-date treatments and research.

Lung Cancer Awareness and Screening Education, November 2022 2022

Speaker: George Horng, MD and Deb Bishop, RN, CEN

This presentation provides information about the prevention and symptoms of lung cancer in addition to risks like smoking, exposure to pollutants or chemicals and how family history may play a role. Attendees will learn methods of determining diagnosis and will gain an understanding of new and existing therapies such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Diet for Diabetes, November 2022 2022

Speaker: Nicole Vas, RD, CDECS

This is an encore presentation to the “Managing Diabetes: Practical Modern Tips for Blood Sugar Control” that Community Health Resource Center hosted registered dietitian and diabetes educator, Nicole Vas, for in June 2022. In this presentation, Nicole delves deeper into foods and diets recommended for those with diabetes, along with guidelines for treating fatty liver through food.

Advances and Innovations in Breast Health and Cancer Care, October 2022

Advances and innovations in breast health care are constantly coming underway as more technology and research become available. This panel presentation discusses advances in breast cancer screening, risk assessment, genetic testing, and care.

Nazia Jafri, MD – Updates in Breast Cancer Screening
Joanne Edquilang, MD – Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction
Wei Wang, MD – Genomic Testing in Breast Cancer
Walter Lin, MD – Lymphedema Management and Surgical Advances

Long Term Care Insurance Information Session, September 2022

Speaker: Lee Abel, CLTC

CKD Meal Planning (Week 3), September 2022

Speaker: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD
Panelists: Wilson Du, Kidney Transplant Recipient and Elena Zidaru, Registered Dietitian
Partnership: National Kidney Foundation
Sponsor: Horizon Therapeutics.

CKD Nutrition Recommendations (Week 2), August 2022

Speaker: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD
Panelists: Wilson Du, Kidney Transplant Recipient and Elena Zidaru, Registered Dietitian
Partnership: National Kidney Foundation
Sponsor: Horizon Therapeutics.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Overview (Week 1), August 2022

Speaker: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD

In this 3-part series, Community Health Resource Center teams up with National Kidney Foundation to deliver information and tips regarding kidney health and nutrition. Registered dietitian, Elena Zidaru, kicks off the series with her first class “CKD Overview” where she reviews the basic functions of kidneys and the five stages of kidney disease. Elena also gives an overview of disease prevention and risk factor management.

This series is supported by Horizon Therapeutics.

Introduction to Somatic Movement for Spine and Mobility, July 2022

Speaker: Diana Lara-Rodgers (On Lok)

Diana Lara-Rodgers of On Lok to share information about somatic movement. This lecture and demonstration is especially important for those whose jobs and lifestyle tends to be sedentary.

Community Trauma; Coping with Current Events, July 2022

Health psychologist, Adriana Panting PhD, gives an important presentation about collective trauma, drawing boundaries, and exercising relaxation techniques.

Adriana Panting, PhD is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in CPMC’s Health Psychology program.

Managing Diabetes: Practical Modern Tips for Blood Sugar Control, July 2022

Do you struggle to find the motivation to adhere to your diabetes schedule, or the willpower to follow all the “rules”?

This presentation focuses on living gracefully with diabetes. Our speaker, Nicole Vas, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator has 30 years of experience motivating people and helping them improve their health along with outlook on diabetes management.

Sleep, Night Owls, and Morning Larks: Understanding Sleep Health and the Influence of Chronotype, June 2022

In this health education webinar, CHRC welcomes Dr. Natalie Solomon who provides a highly engaging presentation about sleep and chronotype. Dr. Solomon also covers strategies that can help improve your sleep, along with discussion about the right time to seek extra support.

Dr. Natalie Solomon is a licensed psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Solomon spends about half her time treating sleep disorders in the Stanford Sleep Health and Insomnia Program (SHIP) and the other half of her time researching sleep in the Computational Psychiatry, Neuroimaging, and Sleep Lab (CoPsyn Sleep Lab). Dr. Solomon’s clinical interests include the intersection of sleep difficulties with overall quality of life, women’s health, and mood disorders.

The Benefits of Medicine vs Therapy, May 2022

Community Health Resource Center features CPMC Health Psychology’s Elizabeth Ekeruo, PsyD. Elizabeth’s presentation provides an overview of the different categories of psychiatric medications and corresponding therapy modalities. It also explores treatment options that are available for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and psychosocial concerns.

Promoting Wellness with Three Habits (Part 2), April 2022

Leah Kramer is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She has experience working in varied clinical settings including hospital emergency departments assessing psychiatric emergencies, outpatient medical clinics, and in community mental health settings.

In 2021, Leah delivered “Promoting Wellness with Three Habits” (view video here) which was so helpful she was invited to provide another presentation on three more healthy habits everyone can try.

Nutrition Open House, March 2022

Community Health Resource Center hosted our first ever Nutrition Open House virtually where we welcomed community members to meet our dietitians. Our Nutrition Open House featured a cooking demonstration by registered dietitians Sabine Haake, MBA and Elena Zidaru, MA. Featured presentations included “Pantry Essentials” by Jenny Luong from the Golden Gate Dietetic Internship, along with “Smart Snacking” by another CHRC registered dietitian, Eric Hernandez. Other activities included our Nutrition Trivia* and a Q&A Panel with Sabine and Elena. Join us again next year for an even bigger event!

*Due to technical challenges, our Nutrition Trivia is not included in this video.

Mental Health: A Pathway to Manage Emotions, March 2022

Doris is a Master of Social Work graduate student from Columbia University. In this presentation, she will focus on emotions and emotional responses as aspects of our mental health. She will provide an overview of the ways in which we can communicate with our feelings and find a path to healthier responses towards stress and anxiety.

What I Wish I Knew About Brain Cognition and Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, February 2022

Speakers: Alejandra Sanchez Lopez, MD & Howard Hahn, LCSW

Community Health Resource Center welcomes speakers from the Ray Dolby Brain Health Center in San Francisco. Doctor Alejandra Sanchez Lopez along with licensed clinical social worker, Howard Hahn, shares with audience members valuable information and resources regarding brain cognition and aging. Doctor Sanchez and Howard also provide important insight into the care patients suffering from dementia need so as to better support caregivers.

Project Open Hand: Nutrition Resources for Older Adults and Adults Living with Disability, February 2022

Speakers: Isabel Eskin Shapson, Manager of Wellness Programs & Erika Tribett, Nutritionist

Community Health Resource Center is happy to feature a community collaborator of ours: Project Open Hand (POH). POH is a San Francisco-based organization that prepares 2,500 nutritious meals daily and provides 200 bags of healthy groceries every day to help sustain adults as they battle serious illnesses, isolation, or the health challenges of aging. Its services and resources are free and eligible adults 18+ are encouraged to apply!

What is Emotional Eating? January 2022

Speaker: Stephanie Amir, Dietetics and Nutrition Science Student at SFSU

Stephanie Amir provides a presentation and space for Q&A regarding emotional eating. Stephanie provides an overview of emotional eating along with its triggers associated with lifestyle and mental health. She is joined by Elena Zidaru, an outpatient nutritionist, in the Q&A.

Experts in Arthritis, December 2021

Speaker: Neal Birnbaum, MD (Pacific Rheumatology Associates)

One in 4 adults suffer from arthritis and joint pain. Are you one of them?

In this presentation, Doctor Neal Birnbaum of Pacific Rheumatology Associates reviews the types of arthritis, their causes and their symptoms. He provides tips for ways to manage the challenges that come with joint pain and takes time to answer audience members’ questions which give even more nuanced information into arthritis management.

Content in this presentation is provided the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative; it is delivered by Doctor Neil Birnbaum, and is hosted by us, Community Health Resource Center.

Hearing with Your Brain, November 2021

Speaker: Gabriella Musacchia, PhD (University of the Pacific)

Gabriella Musacchia, Associate Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Audiology at University of the Pacific, presents on the three stages of hearing and how our rain helps us hear. The first two stages are unconscious and automatic, and located in the ear area. The third stage is conscious and is related to the ability to focus and to understand. Stay tuned until the end to hear audience members’ questions and Dr. Musacchia’s responses.

Optimal Healthy Aging, November 2021

Speaker: Ricki Pollycove, MD (San Francisco Integrative Health)

Doctor Ricki Pollycove returns to CHRC with new information related to female reproductive health and discussions about the natural history of menopause. Dr. Pollycove takes on participants’ burning questions and delves into misconceptions surrounding hormones, hype associated with supplements, and tips for effective health communication with one’s own provider.

For Cancer Patients: HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Management, October, 2021

Speaker: Milana Dolezal, MD, MSci (Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates)

This presentation discusses new therapies and the dynamic changing treatment landscape of HER2 positive breast cancer treatment and advances.

This presentation is supported by Pfizer.

Managing the Side Effects of AI and Tamoxifen, October, 2021

Speaker: Milana Dolezal, MD, MSc (Pacific Hematology Oncology Associates)

After you complete surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy for breast cancer, sometimes your doctor will prescribe additional medicine to take on an ongoing basis. Many times it is Tamoxifen or an aromatase inhibitor, both often can cause uncomfortable side effects. Medicla oncologist, Milana Dolezal, provides an overview of what is normal and what is not normal when taking these medicines. She also shares tips on how to manage and reduce these medicines’ side effects.

Lifestyle Tips for Heart Health: Heart Attack Prevention & Warning Signs, September 2021

Speakers: Michelle Hall BSN, RN (CPMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Services) and Jason Mousel, MS, RD (Community Health Resource Center)

This panel features two speakers: Michelle Hall BSN, RN and Jason Mousel, MS, RD. Michelle is a nurse at CPMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Services and Jason is one of Community Health Resource Center’s clinical dietitian s. Michelle provides an overview of the signs of symptoms of heart attack along with important data about heart disease’s morbidity. Jason’s portion of the presentation is focused on prevention and recovery through nutrition. His talk gives examples of diets that can help you manage balanced, low-sodium meal-planning. Participants’ Q&A were addressed at the end of the presentations.

Chronic Kidney Disease and Nutrition (Week 3): Meal-Planning With CKD in Mind, September 2021

Speakers: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD, Arianna (Dietetic Intern), and Chef Duane Sunwold

This is the final presentation in a 3-part series. Elena Zidaru, RD is our first speaker. She breaks down nutrition labels and provide kidney-friendly tips for meal prep and snacking. Afterwards, she is joined by dietetic intern, Arianna, who talks through the different trending diets such as intermittent fasting and keto diet. In the final portion of the presentation, we feature Chef Duane. Chef Duane shares his personal story of struggling with CKD and learning to cook for kidney health.

This event is a collaboration with National Kidney Foundation and is supported by Horizon Therapeutics.

Understanding Your Groceries, August 2021

Speaker: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD (CHRC)

You sent in your food products and we reviewed their nutrition labels!
During this presentation Elena Zidaru, CHRC’s registered dietitian, showed participants how to evaluate the nutritional value of their food by breaking down nutrition labels. Thank you to those who submitted grocery items!

Reducing the Risk of Cancer Recurrence through Exercise, August 2021

Speaker: Milana Dolezal, MD (Sutter Health)

Doctor Milana Dolezal is a board-certified oncologist and hematologist who treats women’s breast and gynecologic cancers, along with gastrointestinal cancers. She is currently the Director of Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care Services, and her philosophy around care involves the power of exercise and positive thinking. I’d also like to add there that Dr. Dolezal rode her bike across the U.S. with fellow riders including Lance Armstrong to promote awareness about the importance of clinical trial participation.

Inflammation and Diet, July 2021

Speaker: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD (Community Health Resource Center)

Elena Zidaru discusses the relationship between food and inflammation. She describes the role of inflammation in our bodies and the behavioral causes that lead to them. Most importantly, Elena shares information about foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Age-Related Hearing Loss and Resources, June 2021

Speaker: Jessie Johnson (Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California)

Jessie Johnson, Clinical Practice Manager and Director of Counseling and Outreach of Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California, joins Community Health Resource Center to share information and resources regarding age-related hearing loss. Jessie’s presentation considers the obstacles those with limited hearing or hearing loss encounter on a daily basis and provides tips on navigating those challenges. Her presentation also lists recommendations for caption services and assisted hearing devices.

Long Term Care (Updates), May 2021

Speaker: Lee Abel, CLTC

Lee Abel, CLTC joins CHRC again to provide updated information regarding long term care. Lee provides breakdown of types of long term care and options to finance such care.

Taking Care of Gut Health, May 2021

Speaker: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD

Registered dietitian, Elena Zidaru, speaks about the role of one’s gut, how it works, and the kinds of food that promote its health. Stay tuned until the end to hear participants’ questions and Elena’s responses! If you are interested in counseling for gut health, please contact us at or (415) 923-3155.

Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19, May 2021

Speakers: Emma Uribe and Emma Ke

Emma and Ke are Master of Social Work students from Columbia University who joined Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) to work with our licensed clinical social workers. During their time at CHRC, Ke and Emma supported our health services by facilitating support groups, meeting with patients, and sharing health education.

Gentle Yoga 2 of 2, April 2021

Speaker: Lisa Marie Amparo, RN (UCSF)

Lisa Amparo leads of second and final class as part of our 2-part Gentle Yoga series. In this class, Lisa integrates feedback provided in the previous class and increases the types of standing stretches. These stretches are safe and helpful for anyone with limited mobility, stiff muscles, or aches.

For a schedule of virtual yoga classes, including gentle yoga, check out our friends at CPMC’s Women’s Health Resource Center by calling (415) 600-0500

Gentle Yoga 1 of 2, April 2021

Speaker: Lisa Marie Amparo, RN (UCSF)

Lisa Marie Amparo is a yoga instructor with a background in nursing. She joins CHRC to share a series of exercises that help participants practice mindfulness and find relaxation. Lisa focuses on stretches that can be done while sitting, laying down, or standing in place. These exercises are great for anyone, particularly those with aches and stiffness.

For a schedule of virtual yoga classes, including gentle yoga, check out our friends at CPMC’s Women’s Health Resource Center by calling (415) 600-0500

Investigating Joint Pain, March 2021

Speaker: Ishita Aggarwal, MD (Sutter Health)

Doctor Ishita Aggarwal of Pacific Rheumatology Associates located at 2100 Webster Street in San Francisco joins CHRC to share her method for investigating joint pain as a rheumatologist. She discusses the different types of conditions that can cause inflammation and joint pain. She also provides available treatment options for each condition.

Community Health Resource Center’s registered dietitians work with patients to manage their inflammation. If you are interested in nutritional counseling please contact us at (415) 923-3155 or

Nutritious & Delicious Food Demo, March 2021

Speaker: Laura Bull, PhD – Dietetic Intern

Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) hosted a virtual cooking demonstration led by dietetic intern and genetics professor, Laura Bull. Laura shares a recipe one can adapt from to fit the needs of different eating preferences (vegetarian, vegan, etc.). She also shares nutrition facts of the dish and answer questions from the audience. Laura was also joined by Elena Zidaru, one of CHRC’s registered dietitians during the Q&A.

A Deeper Understanding of the Ear: Hearing & Tinnitus, February 2021

Speakers: Shu-En A. Lim, AuD and Jennifer Henderson Sabes, AuD

Audiologists Shu-En A. Lim and Jennifer Henderson Sabes of University of the Pacific provide valuable information about hearing loss, tinnitus, and available treatments. Doctors Lim and Henderson Sabes also provide a variety of resources, along with answers to participants’ questions.

Promoting Wellness with Three Habits, February 2021

Speaker: Leah Kramer, LCSW (Community Health Resource center)

Community Health Resource Center’s licensed clinical social worker, Leah Kramer, provides research information and evidence-based practices that help to promote wellness. In this presentation, Leah highlights gratitude, being in nature, and mindfulness as healthy habits to help combat depression and anxiety.

To inquire about virtual appointments with Community Health Resource Center’s registered dietitians, contact 415-923-3155 or For a copy of the presentation slides, email

Liver Diseases: Causes & Treatments, December 2020

Speaker: Jennifer Guy, MD (Sutter Health’s CPMC Liver Cancer Program)

Doctor Jennifer Guy provides a patient-friendly presentation on diseases of the liver, their causes, and available treatments. She is currently the Director of Liver Cancer Program at Sutter Health CPMC. Doctor Guy’s research interests include liver cancer and evaluating patients for transplant.

Dr. Guy also takes participant questions at the end of her presentation.

To inquire about virtual appointments with Community Health Resource Center’s registered dietitians, contact 415-923-3155 or For a copy of the presentation slides, email

Lifestyle is Medicine: You Are Your Primary Care Provider, November 2020

Ricki Pollycove, MD (California Institute of Integral Studies)
Jason Mousel, MS, RD (Community Health Resource Center, and Health Without Diets)
Sabine Haake, MBA, RD (Community Health Resource Center, and San Francisco State University)

This presentation panel showcases the expertise of three different health experts. Doctor Ricki Pollycove is an integrative physician and a women’s health expert – she is the panel’s moderator. Sabine Haake is a registered dietitian, clinically cross-trained and specialized in disordered eating. Jason Mousel is a registered dietitian, and instructor at San Francisco State University’s Holistic Health Department. Dr. Pollycove presents varying examples of patients pursuing different goals and members of the panel share their approach to working with such patients.

To inquire about virtual appointments with Community Health Resource Center’s registered dietitians, contact 415-923-3155 or

Lung Cancer Awareness: Insights & Information, November 2020

Speaker: Benson Chen, MD

Doctor Benson Chen is a pulmonologist with expertise in lung cancer screening and lung nodule management. In this presentation he provides information for diagnostic and staging evaluations for patients with lung nodules and suspected lung cancer. He also provides an overview of lung cancer treatment. Dr. Chen also spends time answering attendees’ questions about lung cancer, risks, and screening.

To inquire about virtual appointments with Community Health Resource Center’s registered dietitians, contact 415-923-3155 or

Diabetes Awareness: Prevention, Pre-Diabetes, & Diet, November 2020

Speaker: Eric Hernandez, RD

Eric Hernandez is a registered dietitian at Community Health Resource Center with over ten years of experience providing nutrition guidance to patience with medical conditions such a chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, digestive diseases, and pre-diabetes.

In this presentation Eric provides information on the common roots for developing diabetes, its biology, and its overall burden on public health. He highlights foods low in sugar and gives helpful strategies for managing one’s eating schedules. Also included is Eric’s Q&A with registrants and attendees.

Interested in appointments? We host appointments through phone/FaceTime and video conferencing! Contact (415) 923-3155 or regarding coverage and scheduling.

Breast Health: Lifestyle, Screening, & Early Detection, October 2020

Presenters: Anne Peled, MD & Ricki Pollycove, MD

Women’s health experts, Doctor Ricki Pollycove and Doctor Anne Peled, share a discussion over data and cases of breast cancer patients. In this presentation, the first part of our 2-part Breast Cancer Awareness series, we seek to answer such questions:

How much does family history matter?
How do my life style choices affect my risk?
How consumers think & behave
Should I get genetic testing?

In addition to these, the doctors also answer questions from attendees!

Nutritional Supplements: What’s Hype and What’s Hope?, September 2020

Presenter: Ricki Pollycove, MD

In this lecture, Dr. Ricki Pollycove speaks about the evolution of medicine in human society and transitions into our lecture’s topic of nutritional supplements. Dr. Pollycove’s holistic perspective as a medical provider brings appreciation to the human body and its natural functions of maintaining and healing itself. She addresses specific supplements commonly marketed to improve our health or enhance our performance and debunks some highly popular claims.

Ricki Pollycove, MD is a provider of women’s health. She has been providing care for over 30 years and sharing invaluable health information with the community for just as long. She was a founding mother of Community Health Resource Center and was also the founding Director of Education for CPMC’s Breast Health Education.

Long Term Care Insurance, September 2020

Presenter: Lee Abel, CLTC

Lee Abel has made it her life’s work to assist others in planning for the considerable challenges that aging and illness can bring on. Since 1996, she has been educating the CHRC community about long term care and how to finance it. In this presentation, Lee goes into the different life circumstances that could affect the type of long term care one is eligible for. She also takes time to answer participants’ questions.

If you would like to get in touch with Lee, please feel free to fill out this form after watching the video.

Chronic Kidney Disease Class series (3 of 3): Meal Planning, September 2020

Presenter: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD (CHRC)

CHRC’s Elena Zidaru finishes off her three-part talk on kidney health nutrition. Elena ties in concepts explained in her previous two classes: kidney health overview and kidney nutrition recommendations. In this video, Elena reviews in detail portioning and reading nutrition labels. Elena also gives tips specific to early stage CKD and late-stage CKD. At the end of the video Elena answers questions sourced from the webinar attendees and administer a 3-question quiz.

This class series is sponsored by National Kidney Foundation.

If you are interested in receiving nutrition counseling for your chronic kidney disease, tell your doctor about us to initiate a referral. We are accepting virtual appointments, so our providers can “meet” with you anywhere! Call (415) 923-3155 to learn more!

Chronic Kidney Disease Class series (2 of 3): Nutrition Recommendations, August 2020

Presenter: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD (CHRC)

This is the second class in our 3-part series for chronic kidney disease nutrition management. Community Health Resource Center’s (CHRC) registered dietitian, Elena Zidaru, MA, RD focuses on managing CKD through nutrition which helps to preserve kidney function and slow disease progression. The Elena then explains the benefits of nutrition intervention, and provides specific recommendations for each stage of CKD, with a focus on protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and other nutrition considerations.

This class series is sponsored by National Kidney Foundation.

If you are interested in receiving nutrition counseling for your chronic kidney disease, tell your doctor about us to initiate a referral. We are accepting virtual appointments, so our providers can “meet” with you anywhere! Call (415) 923-3155 to learn more!

Chronic Kidney Disease Class series (1 of 3): Kidney Health & CKD Overview, August 2020

Presenter: Elena Zidaru, MA, RD (CHRC)

Elena Zidaru of Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) gives her first of three talks related to managing kidney health. In this first class, Elena provides an overview of general kidney function and the five stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD). She then discusses disease prevention and risk management. To be emailed resources and links included in this class, please email

This class series is sponsored by National Kidney Foundation.

If you are interested in receiving nutrition counseling for your chronic kidney disease, tell your doctor about us to initiate a referral. We are accepting virtual appointments, so our providers can “meet” with you anywhere! Call (415) 923-3155 to learn more!

Stroke: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, including Impact of COVID-19, July 2020

Panelists: Claude Nguyen, MD (Sutter Health Stroke Neurologist), Eric Pancoska R.N. (Sutter Health Stroke Nurse Coordinator)
Guest: Stroke Survivor

CHRC collaborated with Sutter Health Stroke Services to bring you more information on the dangers of stroke, especially during this time of inactivity and disrupted routines.

Every 40 seconds, a person in the United States has a stroke. Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States and affects around 800,000 Americans each year.

This is a presentation and panel aimed to show how to recognize signs and symptoms (think BEFAST), types, causes, treatment options including medications, importance of a healthy lifestyle, risk factors reduction, stroke prevention, and more.

If you are interested in receiving nutrition counseling for your stroke prevention or recovery, check with us, CHRC! We are accepting virtual appointments, so our providers can “meet” with you anywhere! Call (415) 923-3155 to learn how you can start seeing a registered dietitian today.

Is Cannabis Right for You, and Are You Right for Cannabis?, July 2020

Panelists: Sibyl M. Neal-Adesokan, RN, Barbara Blaser, RN, and Carrie Tillman.
Moderator: Reba Hsu

This special presentation combines a mini lecture by cannabis nurse, Barbara Blaser, and a panel, also including Barbara along with a cannabis patient and another registered nurse. Barbara provides the perspective of a health care provider, a patient, and as an older adult. Carrie Tillman is a patient, a mother, and an advocate. Carrie is an advocate for cannabis because it helped her regain her quality of life following a disease that left her permanently living in physical pain. Sibyl Neal-Adesokan is a registered nurse working in hospice. Sibyl brings anecdotes from working in health care along with her observations on social changes as cannabis’ stigma changes.

Our panel was moderated by Reba Hsu, a Master of Social Work student at Columbia University and former clinical social work intern at CHRC.

Exercise is Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease, July 2020

Jennifer Broder Allex, PT, DPT, NCS (PD-Connect)

Jennifer Allex presents on research evidencing the impact of exercise on the progression of neurodegenerative disorders. She provides anecdotes telling the success of patients who saw improvements in their mobility and overall quality of life. Jennifer also delves into the structure essential for establishing a sustainable exercise plan for one self. Near the end of the video, Jennifer gives a demo of a typical exercise move that targets big movements and heart rate.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness, June 2020

Vanessa Talbott, MD (CPMC – Colorectal Cancer of Excellence)

Dr. Vanessa Talbott joined CHRC as a guest speaker to share her expertise as a colorectal surgeon and the Associate Director of Colorectal Cancer of Excellence at California Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Talbott provides detail on the symptoms of colorectal cancer, the importance of early detection, risk factors, and available treatments.

Melanoma Education & Treatment, June 2020

Kevin Kim, MD (CPMC – Melanoma Clinical Research Program)

Dr. Kevin Kim is the Medical Director of Melanoma Clinical Research Program at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. In this presentation Dr. Kim provides an overview of melanoma incidence, risk factors, and disease progression. He delves into the advancements in melanoma treatment and discusses the promise of new drugs and procedures.

Nutrition & Your Blood Pressure, May 2020

Jason Mousel, MS, RD (CHRC) and Michelle Hall, BSN, RN (CPMC Cardiac Rehab)

On May 22, Jason of Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) and Michelle of CPMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Services present on the dangers of hypertension and the lifestyle choices associated with increased risk. Michelle’s portion covers clinical information regarding high blood pressure and what it looks like in one’s body. Jason then discusses key dietary choices important for maintaining healthy cardiac health.

This lecture is part of CHRC’s free health education program. The program is made possible through the generosity of health care providers who donate their time towards making necessary health information accessible to the public. We now deliver our health lectures through Zoom and registration to attend is free.
Please visit for CHRC’s free health lecture dates!

Stroke Awareness Education, May 2020

David Tong, MD

Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in the United States and affects people of all ages and backgrounds. This lecture will focus on prevention, risk factors, early detection, and treatment of stroke. Stroke survivors, caregivers, and others at risk are encouraged to watch.

This lecture was provided by the generosity of Dr. David Tong, Director of CPMC’s Comprehensive Stroke Care Center.

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