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Stroke: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, including Impact of COVID-19, July 2020

Panelists: Claude Nguyen, MD (Sutter Health Stroke Neurologist), Eric Pancoska R.N. (Sutter Health Stroke Nurse Coordinator)
Guest: Stroke Survivor

CHRC collaborated with Sutter Health Stroke Services to bring you more information on the dangers of stroke, especially during this time of inactivity and disrupted routines.

Every 40 seconds, a person in the United States has a stroke. Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States and affects around 800,000 Americans each year.

This is a presentation and panel aimed to show how to recognize signs and symptoms (think BEFAST), types, causes, treatment options including medications, importance of a healthy lifestyle, risk factors reduction, stroke prevention, and more.

If you are interested in receiving nutrition counseling for your stroke prevention or recovery, check with us, CHRC! We are accepting virtual appointments, so our providers can “meet” with you anywhere! Call (415) 923-3155 to learn how you can start seeing a registered dietitian today.

Is Cannabis Right for You, and Are You Right for Cannabis?, July 2020

Panelists: Sibyl M. Neal-Adesokan, RN, Barbara Blaser, RN, and Carrie Tillman.
Moderator: Reba Hsu

This special presentation combines a mini lecture by cannabis nurse, Barbara Blaser, and a panel, also including Barbara along with a cannabis patient and another registered nurse. Barbara provides the perspective of a health care provider, a patient, and as an older adult. Carrie Tillman is a patient, a mother, and an advocate. Carrie is an advocate for cannabis because it helped her regain her quality of life following a disease that left her permanently living in physical pain. Sibyl Neal-Adesokan is a registered nurse working in hospice. Sibyl brings anecdotes from working in health care along with her observations on social changes as cannabis’ stigma changes.

Our panel was moderated by Reba Hsu, a Master of Social Work student at Columbia University and former clinical social work intern at CHRC.

Exercise is Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease, July 2020

Jennifer Broder Allex, PT, DPT, NCS (PD-Connect)

Jennifer Allex presents on research evidencing the impact of exercise on the progression of neurodegenerative disorders. She provides anecdotes telling the success of patients who saw improvements in their mobility and overall quality of life. Jennifer also delves into the structure essential for establishing a sustainable exercise plan for one self. Near the end of the video, Jennifer gives a demo of a typical exercise move that targets big movements and heart rate.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness, June 2020

Vanessa Talbott, MD (CPMC – Colorectal Cancer of Excellence)

Dr. Vanessa Talbott joined CHRC as a guest speaker to share her expertise as a colorectal surgeon and the Associate Director of Colorectal Cancer of Excellence at California Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Talbott provides detail on the symptoms of colorectal cancer, the importance of early detection, risk factors, and available treatments.

Melanoma Education & Treatment, June 2020

Kevin Kim, MD (CPMC – Melanoma Clinical Research Program)

Dr. Kevin Kim is the Medical Director of Melanoma Clinical Research Program at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. In this presentation Dr. Kim provides an overview of melanoma incidence, risk factors, and disease progression. He delves into the advancements in melanoma treatment and discusses the promise of new drugs and procedures.

Nutrition & Your Blood Pressure, May 2020

Jason Mousel, MS, RD (CHRC) and Michelle Hall, BSN, RN (CPMC Cardiac Rehab)

On May 22, Jason of Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) and Michelle of CPMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Services present on the dangers of hypertension and the lifestyle choices associated with increased risk. Michelle’s portion covers clinical information regarding high blood pressure and what it looks like in one’s body. Jason then discusses key dietary choices important for maintaining healthy cardiac health.

This lecture is part of CHRC’s free health education program. The program is made possible through the generosity of health care providers who donate their time towards making necessary health information accessible to the public. We now deliver our health lectures through Zoom and registration to attend is free.
Please visit for CHRC’s free health lecture dates!

Stroke Awareness Education, May 2020

David Tong, MD

Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in the United States and affects people of all ages and backgrounds. This lecture will focus on prevention, risk factors, early detection, and treatment of stroke. Stroke survivors, caregivers, and others at risk are encouraged to watch.

This lecture was provided by the generosity of Dr. David Tong, Director of CPMC’s Comprehensive Stroke Care Center.

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