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Managing Stress & Preventing Burnout, 2020

Jennice Wong, MSW, LCSW

Community Health Resource Center’s Jennice Wong presents for University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry on the stress that is often associated with healthcare workers. She describes what one might experience as they progress on the Stress Continuum Model and how that may affect one’s work, especially as a healthcare worker. Jennice will also provide exercises one can try to help mitigate some anxiety in daily life. While this video is tailored to healthcare workers, its content is useful for anyone experiencing stress.

Helpful Links: 2-min Breathing Video

Stress Management, 2018

Scott Plymale, PhD, LCSW

Scott Plymale, PhD, LCSW presents on stress management techniques at Community Health Resource Center’s Annual Nutrition & Wellness Fair on March 22, 2018. During this presentation, Dr. Plymale discusses ways to reduce negative effects of stress with research-based stress management/tension-reducing techniques, tips, and exercises.

Sleeping Well, 2018

CHRC’s Jennice Wong, LCSW

There may be many factors preventing you from getting a good night’s rest. This presentation, facilitated by social worker Jennice Wong, LCSW, focuses on concrete self-care strategies and simple relaxation techniques to create a stronger immune system, more energy, and greater vitality.

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