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What I Wish I Knew About Cognitive Impairment and Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

Presenter: Howard Hahn, LCSW and Alejandra Sanchez Lopez, MD (Ray Dolby Brain Health Center)   This presentation features a behavioral health therapist and a neurologist from CPMC’s Ray Dolby Brain Health Center. Our speakers will share research on how brain […]

Women’s Health and Aging

This lecture will discuss women’s health, gender, medicine, and aging, in addition to the natural history of menopause to present time. Through a western healthcare lens, we will explore how to integrate and sustain lifestyle, and personal choices that will […]

Maintain Your Brain: Memory and Aging

Presenters: Sarah Borish, PhD, & Sara Mason, MA (CPMC Ray Dolby Brain Health Center) This session will feature research on how brain health contributes to overall cognition and behavior, as well as strategies to improve memory and thinking in everyday […]

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