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Coping With a Cancer Diagnosis with Psychotherapy Support

People think really of the worst when they get diagnosed of cancer. After the initial shock of knowing that you have been diagnosed with cancer subsides, a wave of emotion can begin to take a toll aspects of your personal, professional and social life. This is quite normal and it will take some time for you to get used to the “new normal”. It’s common to experience stress, anxiety, and fear with regard to the future, confusion, guilt and denial. Some people also become very tearful, worried and anxious about the future. As a result, joining a support group or seeking out a counselor to offer help may make a difference.

Having a network of friends, family and support services can help to cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis. Friends and family form the bedrock of cancer support services. Patients should remember that these people don’t always know how to react, and could be struggling with the diagnosis as well, but in different ways.

Community Health Resource Center can help as well. The social workers at Community Health Resource Center are available to provide practice resources in your area including transpiration support, meal programs, and support groups. The licensed care providers at CHRC also provide affordable, individualized counseling services for cancer survivors. We work with your team of medical providers to stay current on your treatments, impact of treatments and your individualized needs. Together, we work to insure you create a healthy and healing environment, giving you optimal opportunities for long term well being.

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