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Sleep, Night Owls, and Morning Larks: Understanding Sleep Health and the Influence of Chronotype

Speaker: Natalie Solomon, PsyD (Stanford University School of Medicine)     Join us to learn about sleep and chronotype. We will also cover how to improve your sleep and when to seek extra support. Dr. Natalie Solomon is a licensed […]

Exercise is Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease

Exercise is Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease. Register to learn for yourself or as a caretaker.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Education

Info, registration, health lecture colorectal cancer

Melanoma Education & Treatment

Information and registration for health lecture on melanoma and treatments.

Nutrition and Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and nutrition go hand in hand. Learn how to improve your health through heart health nutrition!

Stroke Education & Screening

Learn about the causes of stroke and how to respond quickly in a situation where you or someone you love are experiencing a stroke. This class will be live and virtual (via Zoom).

Mindful Eating Class Series

Eating while feeling stress or during emotional situations can impact our health in an ‘unsavory’ way and can often leave us feeling out of control and unhealthy. Join our 4-week class series to experience how mindful eating can change the […]

Stroke Prevention & Education

Stroke is a leading cause of death and long-term disability in the United States and affects people of all ages and backgrounds. This lecture will focus on prevention, risk factors, early detection, and treatment of stroke. Stroke survivors, and others […]

Delving Deeper Into Hearing Loss

Presenters:  Shu-En A. Lim, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA & Kenneth Billheimer, AuD (University of the Pacific Hearing & Balance Center) There’s a lot more to hearing than just the ear. The ear-brain system is responsible for coding and decoding all the […]

Maintain Your Brain: Memory and Aging

Presenters: Sarah Borish, PhD, & Sara Mason, MA (CPMC Ray Dolby Brain Health Center) This session will feature research on how brain health contributes to overall cognition and behavior, as well as strategies to improve memory and thinking in everyday […]

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