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Community Health Resource Center and the brave new world….of Healthcare

Community Health Resource Center is excited to bring you information, resources and services that you will need as we enter into a brand new era of healthcare service delivery. The past three years have marked a gradual transition of healthcare insurances into new frames of reference. Prior medical conditions no longer determine eligibility, and rates of healthcare coverages were reorganized. With the reorganization of healthcare there has been confusion and frustration but what it all comes down to for us at Community Health Resource Center… keeping you healthy.

We prioritize preventing illness and diseases within the scope of all we do to support the community. Meet with a registered dietitian for nutrition counseling, attend a health screening, receive health education at our resource library or participate in a session with a licensed clinical social worker, and you will find, we aim to keep you feeling your best. Healthcare reform has challenged the healthcare field to help people get healthy and stay healthy for longer. Yes, staying healthy saves money, but is also feels better.

Healthcare services are moving into the community, keeping you at your home or apartment to insure you have what you need. Hospital stays, visits to the emergency room and other intensive services will always be an option but what we offer at Community Health Resource Center is a way to avoid intensive procedures. Engage with us in a personalized health plan that empowers you to determine the impact of this brave new world of healthcare.

Technology has always played a major role in healthcare, from vaccinations of polio to the invention of the stent surgery for blocked arteries. The list is long of major technology advances in healthcare and millions have benefited. Community Health Resource Center embraces these new technologies and is working hard to make it as easy as possible for you to get care.

Community Health Resource Center launched its new website to allow you to review relevant health information, sign up for a health education event, schedule an appointment with a CHRC provider or keep up with the twitter feed on recent articles that are shaping healthcare. Technology integration at CHRC is intended to make it easier for you to get and stay healthy.

Contact us today to make an appointment and let us support your personal healthcare goals.

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