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Physician Outreach… CHRC partners to support patient care

Nearly 30 years have past since the inception of Community Health Resource and we continue to support patients now, just as we did three decades ago. People coming to visit their physicians are curious about their health and wellbeing. Empowered with knowledge from their visits with their medical doctor, patients frequently will call on CHRC to help. The team of licensed clinical providers at CHRC is able to access individual medical records, assess key needs and provide an individualized care plan.

Starting in this past fall and continuing into the summer of 2015, CHRC has been outreaching to medical practice groups to host “Bagels and Coffee”. The staff of CHRC delivers a warm meal to help practice groups get their day off to a good start, and reminds doctors how to access CHRC services with ease.

Our aim is to insure a continuum of care through outpatient services, and linked communication between physicians and patients. Though this model of care CHRC providers address individual goals then track success.

A two-year review of obese clients coming to CHRC reviled some important information with regard to continuum of care. Physician referrals for CHRC registered dietitian appointments for obese patients showed dramatic outcomes. 73% of all obese patients lost weight if they came for 2 or more visits with their CHRC registered dietitian. While this may seem intuitive, most people across the entire spectrum of healthcare services are most likely to visit their provider one time or never schedule a referral.

CHRC hopes to encourage everyone to seek out the support needed to meet your individual health goals. 2015 can be the most healthy and rewarding year of your life. Let Community Health Resource Center join you and your doctor in reaching your goals.

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