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Reducing the Risk of Recurrence through Exercise

This presentation is brought to you by Sutter Health and is hosted by Community Health Resource Center.       Presenter: Milana Dolezal, MD  Read about Dr. Dolezal. Although the idea of ‘exercise’ and ‘movement’ might cause you dread, research […]

Exercise is Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease

Exercise is Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease. Register to learn for yourself or as a caretaker.

Osteoarthritis and Movement

If you suffer from limited mobility due to chronic pain, join CHRC to learn about ways you can help bring more movement back into your life! This interactive workshop will include an overview of how to utilize exercise strategies to […]

Arthritis Education & Prevention Series, Part 2: Safe Exercise Strategies

This series is dedicated to the memory of Dr. David Curtis, a CPMC rheumatologist with Pacific Rheumatology Associates, and a long-term Board Member for Community Health Resource Center, who had an outstanding dedication to patient education. The series will span […]

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