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Responding to Police Brutality and Community Trauma with Resources Beyond 911

Community Health Resource Center strives to address the collective and individual trauma caused by systemic racism and police violence. Our hearts break at the news of more death at the hands of law enforcement, more recently Adam Toledo and Daunte […]

Racially-Motivated Violence is a Public Health Crisis, We Stand with Victims of Hate Crimes

Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) recognizes we must play a more active role than we have in the past to address the community health crisis that is racially-motivated violence and hate crimes. Nationwide attention to these attacks along with the […]

Expert Tips to help with detecting the Early Signs of Stroke

Strokes and heart disease are ranked top as the leading causes of death in the United States.   Stroke is also known to cause long term disability. It’s well documented that hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol increase your risks of stroke. […]

Coping With a Cancer Diagnosis with Psychotherapy Support

People think really of the worst when they get diagnosed of cancer. After the initial shock of knowing that you have been diagnosed with cancer subsides, a wave of emotion can begin to take a toll aspects of your personal, […]

How You Can Improve Your Heart Health with Exercises

Ninety percent of your heart consists of muscles and it gets healthier when you engage in physical exercises. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to start exercising since simple tasks such as 30 minutes walk everyday can be […]

How Individuals Can Take Charge Of Their Medical Needs, Learning The Right Questions To Ask Your Doctor, How To Monitor Your Health.

Every person wants to have optimal health, right? But to be able to achieve this noble objective, we need to visit our primary care physicians regularly who will evaluate our risk levels and offer guidance on what we need to […]

Benefits of Regular Blood Pressure Checks to Prevent Stroke and Heart Problems

High blood pressure is the silent killer that’s mainly linked to stroke and   a number of heart problems. One out of every three people has blood pressure issues, but more than half of them are not aware of it, so […]

Cancer Care

Community Health Resource Center and Cancer Care Cancer services have been an important aspect of CHRC’s services for the past 30 years. CHRC works closely with California Pacific Medical Center’s cancer care services, oncology physicians, radiation/oncology department and chemotherapy infusion […]

Physician Outreach… CHRC partners to support patient care

Nearly 30 years have past since the inception of Community Health Resource and we continue to support patients now, just as we did three decades ago. People coming to visit their physicians are curious about their health and wellbeing. Empowered […]

Community Health Resource Center and the brave new world….of Healthcare

Community Health Resource Center is excited to bring you information, resources and services that you will need as we enter into a brand new era of healthcare service delivery. The past three years have marked a gradual transition of healthcare […]

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